Review and Rating Policy

All the books reviewed on this blog have been bought by me or my family and it is my decision to review them. All opinions stated are my own. I do not receive any compensation for writing those reviews. I usually write spoiler-free reviews, unless stated otherwise. For the moment, the reviews deal with general overviews of books until I have more spare-time to write longer reviews (I’m writing a PhD thesis right now).

Since I am a French student in English Language, History and Literature, all my reviews are written in English even if I read books in both languages (French and English). I apologise for any grammar, spelling or idiomatic mistakes. You may correct me in the comments, I would only ask to do so in a respectful and constructive way.

Regarding the rating system, it is as follows:

0* : I hated the book or did not finish it.

1*: I didn’t like the book but people might still like it.

2*: It was OK but I would have liked something more researched.

3*: I liked it. It could be improved but very enjoyable on the whole. Recommeneded.

4*: I thought it was really good. I’m waiting for more, maybe slightly more challenging. Warmly recommended.

5*: I adored it. Nothing more to say. Excellent. Cannot recommend it enough.

I may sometimes use half marks to rate the books (e.g. 2.5*/5)