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Glass Sword (Red Queen #2)

Hello readers,

Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard is the second novel in the Red Queen series.

In this novel, Mare and Cal are brought to the Red Guard’s headquarter on some remote island. The Red Guard is much larger than what they appear to be and Mare finds out that Farley’s father is a general in the guard. Mare sets out in a mission to rescue the new-bloods on Julian’s list and she escapes from the headquarter with Cal, Farley, Kilorna and Shade, her new-blood brother.

The majority of the novel recounts the rescuing missions as well as the fails when Maven get to them first. The most epic scene is the last one in the Silver prison in which several important events happen. This novel is more focused on the psychological development of the characters rather than on actions. Mare is struggling to find her place among reds, newbloods, as a leader, as a sister, even as a friend. Maven is the one that psychologically tortures her, his deception affected her a lot. Cal is also hauled over the coals because he has been accused of murder by his own, he is a fugitive, he tries his best to help the newbloods but he is still not accepted as one of them since he was the Silver Crown Prince.

I really liked this novel although I thought it a bit repetitive. Mare just sinks into despair without quite trying to find a way out of it. No solution is advanced, even slightly, for her to move on or learn from her experiences. Besides, she is making the same mistake over and over again. I hope she will mature in the third one, which I still have to get my hands on.

On the plus side, Glass Sword was very entertaining, the characters are well-rounded: they have flaws yet you support them. Romance is lurking but it is not in the foreground. Friendship and brotherhood (of blood or of cause) seem more important than anything else.

I rated this novel 3*/5.

Cheers, -A.

Glass Sword


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