Fantasy · Young adult

Crooked Kingdom


Sequel to Six of Crows, Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo recounts the story of Kaz Brekker and his team after their mission to the Ice Court in Ferdjan territory.

This band of criminals has now to scheme to save their lives. Once they manage to get Inej back, they do all they can to ruin the life of the the merchant who ruined theirs by betraying them. At the same time, Kaz tries to take revenge on Pekka Rollins whom he considers to be responsible for the death of his brother.

The schemes are extremely complex and fun to follow. The character development is deep and well-done: the characters are very realistic. You want more of the world but the story finishes nicely with no unanswered questions. The peaks of actions are well done and the story is therefore a page-turner. You always want to know what will happen next and whether and how their plan has worked out.

As always, the cover is stuning and the story is easy to read, especially now that you’re accustomed to the setting (if you have read the first novel, which I recommend you do before reading this one). Kaz Brekker is evidently the main character but the side characters are very well developed, you care for all of them. Even though, they are criminals and their motives are not always a hundred percent morally correct, you nevertheless root for them and want them to succeed.

I heartily recommend this novel and this duology. If you are interested in the magic system that takes place in the story, you can read the Grisha trilogy that Bardugo wrote before Six of Crows. If one day I manage to lay my hand on them, I will definitely read them.

Ultimately, I rated this novel 5*/5.

Cheers, -A.

Crooked Kingdom


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