Fantasy · Young adult

Red Queen


It’s almost Christmas and before the festivities begin I wanted to talk to you about the YA novel Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. First of all, I want to point out that what drove me to pick up this book was its cover. After reading Throne of Glass and its sequels (with their stunning covers), I thought I’d like another similar story.

This novel follows our main character Mare who, because of her red blood, lives in a very poor village (think of Feyre at the beginning of ACOTAR but with electricity), and the ruling class are not the Fae but the Silver. Their silver blood provides them with certain power specific to their houses (or names). Some are very strong, some can control water, others fire or others even mind. Mare is propelled into their midst after trying to avoid conscription and die in the war her country is waging on its border with a foreign nation.

The novel is plot-driven. Although some characters are fairly well developed, others could have used some more depth. The story is very action-packed, which I like, but the court politics are a bit too much straight forward. In any case, I found the story very enjoyable and the use of the modern technologies we know today very well integrated into a magical world, which doesn’t happen a lot. Usually when there’s magic, there’s no electricity. Here, the integration of TVs, cameras, microphones, even an underground train is very appreciated.

The novel is a well-written first-person narrative and the influences that I could detect made me happy because they are books that I love reading i.e., The Hunger Games, Divergent, etc.

All in all I rated this novel 4*/5.

Merry Christmas dear readers.

Cheers, -A.



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