Historical fiction (fantasy) · thriller

Lux Tenebrae


Today I’m writing a post about the seventh novel by Giacometti and Ravenne entitled Lux Tenebrae. This one has been the fuller on esotericism so far. The authors explained that since the nulber ‘7’ is symbolic in many beliefs and cult practices, they went all out for this novel.

The story, as usual, is divided between Antoine Marcas’s adventure and a historical event. In this novel, we go back five thousand years ago when Akhenaten was Pharaoh of both Egypts. Incestuous with his sister, he goes to terrible length to avenge her when she dies.

As for Antoine Marcas, he walks into a very dangerous police search in the south of France which majes him lived a near death experience. Through this experience, he discovers some secrets of life and death. In Limbo, he meets the Queen of the Night who urges him to pass the trials of death.

I won’t go farther in the plot because it’s better to go in it ‘blind’. As far as the characters are concerned, they are fully fledged as is costumary with Ravenne and Giacometti and each one’s story begs to be revealed. Again, this novel can be read in two or three sittings since it keeps the reader at the edge of their seat. However, the plot development is not quite what I expected and I was disappointed by the lack of real detective action. Marcas just stumbles into a mess. The cover is quite telling of the story inside though. I hope that with The Seventh Templar, we’ll have more police-driven actions and more secrets of France to be discovered.

Also, there is a nice touch to the Freemasonry in this one.

I rated this novel 3*/5.

Cheers, -A.



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