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This post is about the novel Apocalypse by the French authors Ravenne and Giacometti.This instalment follows a new adventure of Detective Antoine Marcas who is, in this novel, hell-bent on his work since the death of a previous character (cf. La Croix des Assassins).

One of his investigations with the OCBC (French police department for the control of arts) leads him to a curious painting whose origins have crossed centuries. The red thread of the novel is the revelation that Jesus Christ is not and will not be the only messiah. Judas knew of this secret but Mary-Magdalene killed him for it (on Jesus’s order).

Today, while an organisation hunts the messiahs to kill them (Judas’ Brothers), another one tries to protect them (from the world and sometimes from themselves) in association with the Free-Masons and the Magdalene Association. Every person born on the 17th of January is a target (some of whom you will be suprised). To the Judas’ Brothers, the killing of the last and right messiah will unleash the apocalypse and thus the just will be saved.

The whole novel is the pursue of Jesus/Judas’ secret and a game of hunters vs. hunted. As well as following Marcas in his investigations to solve corruption and murders, we follow the story through the centuries of the famous secret/painting. We meet characters like Joan of Arc, Louis XVI of France, leaders of the French Revolution and a curious priest in a small village in the South of France.

The novel is not very long (still 453 pages) and it is fast-paced even if the novel is overall history-driven. The story really grabs your attention as you want to discover the secret which is a bit like discovering the nature of the grail (it has to do with Jesus anyway) 😉

The characters are, as always, enjoyable, even if, after reading a few novels from the series, you start to discern a pattern: Marcas always ends up teamed up with a woman; at one point he will be knocked unsconscious and when he wakes up, the denouement happens.

Ultimately, I rated this novel 4*/5.

Cheers, -A.



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