Dear amateur detectives,

Moriarty is the new novel by Anthony Horowitz in which features the sadly famous crime consultant, James Moriarty.

In this novel, Moriarty has been dead for 5 days and an inspector from the United States, Frederick Chase, comes to examine the body to find some clues related to one of his cases back in the States. So he comes to Switzerland, to the Falls of Reichenbach, where he meets Athelney Jones, a Scotland Yard detective who has come to investigate the death of Sherlock Holmes. Jones is obsessed with Holmes and endeavours to improve himself as a detective as Dr Watson humiliated him in one of his stories,  namely A Study in Scarlet.

So Chase goes with Jones to London to continue his investigation on some Clarence Devereux, the main crime lord in the US who has come to England to expand his criminal empire. The investigation leads the two detectives to some twists and turns and dangers until the identity of Clarence Devereux is finally revealed (which leads to more danger).

Yet the end doesn’t end at all as one imagines it would. The end of the novel is spectacular (and very sad). There is a great reversal of situation while the story almost made you forget about Moriarty.

The story is quite action-packed, the investigation never tires out and you get close to the characters. The detective story is well executed and the cover is enticing in its simplicity yet eloquence.

I rated this novel 4*/5.

Cheers, -A.



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