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A Court of Mist and Fury

Hello dreamers!

A Court of Mist and Fury is the second instalment of the Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas.

This novel is twice as long as the first one which was a very good surprise when I received it. And in this one Sarah J. Maas showed her talents once again. A Court of Thorns and Roses was pretty good and the last part (Under the Montain) was excellent. This one is under the mountain throughout.

Although I have my ups and downs with Feyre, it can’t be denied that her flaws make her real, or at least realistic. Through hardships and betrayals she learns what true friends are, and how important they can be in one’s life. The court of dreams is definitely one I’d like to be part of. Once again with Sarah J. Maas, you really root for the side characters as well as for the main ones, and in this novel they definitemy get more depth.

The pace of the novel is absolutely fantastic and you fly through the novel like you’re watching a film. I couldn’t put it down, to the detriment of my other (and more urgent!) tasks. I’m not sorry to say that I read it in 3 days and I’m wondering if I shoudln’t re-read the series all over again. Rhysand is one of my favourite characters. He and Rowan Whitehorn (from the Throne of Glass series) are definitely putting the level super-high in terms of male/manly behaviour. Speaking of male Fae, there is one for which I still have hope, it’s Lucien. I believe he is better than he seems in this book and he may very well suprise us in the next novel.

Tamlin is … complicated. You kind of understand him but you still cannot forgive him. And seen through Rhys’ perspective, you feel less and less sympathy for the guy.

This novel sort of turns the first one on its head and deconstrusts all you thought true from the first instalment. This is very interesting and appreciated.

Some things in the novel completely blew my mind, some things were pretty daring and very well executed. Some things were less so (especially the crisis, and only the crisis not what’s following, after the arrow attack; you’ll understand what I mean I’m sure). It was the same for the love riddle in the first novel: for 100 pages I was screaming the answer to Feyre, but she never heard me!

Anyway, the novel is very well written, nothing surprising here. The characters are fleshed-out, flawed but friendly. You really root fot the good guys and utterly despise the bad guys. The end is amazing and makes you beg for the third novel to come out as soon as possible. But the wait will last until mid-2017, I’m afraid.

These were my thoughts on the novel A Court of Mist and Fury and I’m kind of wishing for winter to come 😉

I rated this novel 4.5*/5.





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