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Empire of Storms (Throne of Glass #5)

Hello !

I recently read Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas, the fifth book of the Throne of Glass series which was published on September 6th.

At the end of Queen of Shadows, Aelin finally returns to Terrasen, her homeland. In the beginning of Empire of Storms, she learns that she will no regain her throne that easily. Indeed, the lords of the land do not trust a nineteen-year-old former assassin and untrained magic-wielder to run and protect a wounded country. So Aelin promises them to gain army and funds to protect Terrasen and wage war against Erawan, the Dark King.

A lot of characters are re-introduced in this novel, espcially those present in the prequel, The Assassin’s Blade, so I suggests to read the prequel (before this one in particular). Thus you meet again Captain Rolfe, Ansel of Briarcliff and the Silent Assassins of the Red Desert.

What I particularly enjoyed in this novel is the side characters. Manon has become one of favourite characters, as well as Elide and Lorcan. Everyone seems to be paired up yet only to enhance each other’s personality and capacity. This is what I like in Maas’s books: there may be a lot of ‘romances’ but you are (or I am) all for them!

Dorian improves in the control of magic and Lysandra is just one hell of a badass! Her powers are extraordinary and yet they feel plausible, i.e., the bigger the beast she turns into the longer she takes to become human again; the longer she is in those beast forms, the more drained she becomes. She has some very moving scenes and we can do nothing but root for her.

I must agree, nevertheless, with Regan ( regarding Aelin’s character. She has become in this novel, a plot character in the sense she only exists to move the plot forward. I felt disconnected from her. Oh, I enjoyed her scenes with Rowan, don’t get me wrong, but you don’t have access to her deeper feelings anymore. I like when Maas unveils Aelin’s schemes at the last minute so you understand it all at the end, but Aelin’s emotional journey has become quasi-nonexistent. In addition, Nehemia’s role and story is a bit confusing.

That being said, the end of the novel is absolutely heart-breaking and nerve-wrecking! And the next one doesn’t come out before mid-2017. This is torture!

In any case, I enjoyed this book very much. I cried at lot and I laughed as much. I hope we get Aelin back in the next one.

I rated this novel 5*/5 because I freaking love it.

Cheers, -A.



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