The Colour of Magic

The Colour of Magic (La Huitième couleur) by Terry Pratchett is small novel of 285 pages but full of absurdities. This novel is something of a joke.

It is completely absurd, full of improbable events with over-caricatured characters: the wizard can’t do magic, the tourist is over-enthusiast about anything and the hero can’t add two and two.

Yet, it is full of fantasy with goblins, demons, dragons and gods and the best character ever in this novel: Death.

The wizard follows the tourist everywhere in an attempt to protect him while the latter is also followed by a magical trunk on hundreds of legs.

The eighth colour is that of magic but wizards fear, above all else, the number eight.

It is well written and funny at times. The thing is to accept the delirious state of the world.

The novel must be a satire of our world.

I rated this novel 2.5*/5.

Cheers, -A.

Huitième Couleur


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