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The Wise Man’s Fear (part 1)

Hello readers!

So. I’ve started The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss. I’ve got the paperback edition and it’s got over 1000 pages. I’m currently on page 360. Needless to say I’ve still got some miles to go. But I think I will drag this one for a while.

For one thing, I’m working hard on my thesis. I’ve got some work to hand in mid-September so… yeah, work!

And secondly – and I’m going to incur a lot of people’s wrath with this but – it’s terribly long and the plot doesn’t progress. Where I am, Kvothe finally left the university in which he was since the middle of the previous book. So, for over 800 pages he sang, got poor, got unlucky, and the magic resembles metalworking. He still hasn’t learn the name of the wind wich was the title of the first book. So frustrating!

I’m so sorry to feel this way about this book, I was so anticipating the series but it is too much character-driven for me and all I have in mind is: “Get on with the plot, already!”

Don’t get me wrong, it is beautifully written, I can’t deny that. And the author seems to have a passion for music and poetry/lyric writing. But I think it lacks actions. It is all stories within stories within stories…

Have you ever played Oblivion or Skyrim? Well, it is just like that. The character do all the secondary quests but doesn’t progress on the main one! And when you’re playing it’s fine, but when you’re reading….*sigh* It is just too slow for me. Again, I’m sorry if I disappoint people by not liking this series. Maybe it’ll get better by the end of the book *fingers crossed*

In any case, have fun with your reading and see you (soon) for the full review of this book.

Cheers, -A.


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