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La Saga des reines


Today I will talk about the Queens Saga (La Saga des reines) by Jean des Cars or the tales of 12 European queens who marked and still mark our countries.

The queens whose stories are related in the book are: Catherine of Medici, Elizabeth I, Christina of Sweden, Maria Theresa of Spain, Catherine II of Russia, Marie-Antoinette, Victoria, Eugénie Empress consort of France, Sissi, Zita of Bourbon-Parma, Astrid queen of Belgium and Elizabeth II.

The book summarily tells about their childhood, their marriages, their reigns and their deaths. It briefly explains why they are known and why they still arouse the imagination, if they were loved or hated, why they made people talk about them. Twenty-something pages are dedicated to each of them.

Although it was really informative, the lack of sources bothered me a bit and I didn’t agree with everything that was said about the queens I know of. It certainly encourages to read and to know more about these women who viewed the world differently and who behaved like true Kings.

I rated it 3*/5.

Cheers, -A.

saga des reines.JPG


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