Historical Fiction

The Miniaturist

Hello !

May has started so has my TBR list advancement. Today, it’s all about The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton.

Nella (Petronella), 18, is a newly married girl who comes to live at her husband’s house in Armsterdam. There, she meets a variety of charaters, all more complex that the others. For her wedding gift, Johannes Brandt (Nella’s husband) gives her a cabinet which represents their house on a miniature scale. Nella writes to a miniaturist to fill in the gift which she takes as an insult to her womanhood at first.

But the miniaturist seems to know things about the Nella’s household and makes it her mission to reveal the inhabitants’ secrets to Nella. She somehow foresees all that will happen to the Brandt household.

Nella is scared and fascinated by the miniaturist’s prophecies. Her life, as well as the Brandt household’s, is turned upside down in four months.

It was a real page-turner and the characters are well-rounded. The secrets aren’t what you expect them to be. The quality of writing is excellent and the story never drags. The twits and turns of the plot are refreshing and utterly unexpected. I heartily recommend this historical drama.

I rated it 4.5*/5.

Cheers, -A.



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