The Odyssey


Today it is about The Odyssey by Homer.

It follows the adventures of Ulysses who tries desperately to return home to Ithaque, his native isle. Returning from Troy, after the epic battle of The Iliad, Ulysses undergoes a journey of ten years on board his ship. During this journey, he meets a lot of different creatures, he has to make do with the will and whisms of the gods. Poor Ulysses returns after much hardship to his wife Penelope who displays mistrust at his approach.

As always with epic stories, it is all figurative and imagery. The story is correct but far-fetched. Though they make for great study of heroism and Greek culture and beliefs, Homer’s epic stories are not for today’s taste – or at least mine.

It was quite enjoyable and Ulysses develops along the story. The pace depends on the episode: sometimes it slides nicely, sometimes it drags.

I haven’t got much to say about this book. It was OK, no more no less.

I rated it 3*/5.

Cheers, -A



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