The Earthsea Quartet is a novel composed of four books written by Ursula Le Guin. They tell the story of Ged/Sparrowhawk, a magician in the kingdom of Earthsea.

The novel almost starts at Ged’s birth and almost ends at Ged’s death. Each book is a new adventure for the wizard with, nonetheless, a central theme. So Ged is this powerful mage who goes at the centre of the kingdom to learn everything he can on magic. But as a young, inexperienced peacock something turns wrong. From there, the whole story goes in motion. He has to learn humility and wisdom.

I can’t quite tell more without giving any spoilers.

The novel was quite long (691 pages) with a Tolkien-esque style of writing. The characters are well-developed although the fourth book can be said to be too much.

The novel is a deep reflection on the good and evil that everyone carries within themselves. Each action undertaken has consequences and one must think before doing something. There are emphases on the differences between being and doing, between acting with knowledge or acting impulsively… Other subjects are also approached: your free determines if you’re a good person or not. Power doesn’t mean risk-free. And Manhood doesn’t mean domination and control over all. Women can be powerful and wise too.

I rated this novel 3*/5.

I also watched the film Legend of Earthsea with Kristen Kreuk. It was made in 2004. Let’s just say that you feel it that the film is a decade old. :p

Cheers, -A.



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