The Girl on the Train


In this first day of April, I have finished The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. It is a thriller set in modern times England.

Rachel, the main character, is a thirty-something woman who has plunged into alcoholism. She has lost her job and her husband. Everyday, she takes the train to London, at the same time each morning and each evening. The railway passes in front of her former house. 5 houses before, Rachel sees a couple, Jess and Jason, living the life she thinks is the happiest and the most perfect. Jason brings her coffee to Jess who takes the sun on the balcony. But one day, Rachel sees Jess kissing another man. This completely shatters her dream of ideal and she decides to warn Jason of his wife’s infidelity. But on the night she arrives there, she is completely drunk and doesn’t remember a thing. The worst part is: Jess is missing. She later learns that Jess was called Megan (him, Scott), and that Megan is dead. Rachel wants to help Scott and takes part in the investigation which will completely change her life.

This novel is advertised as “paranoiac and exhilarating”. Honestly, it was not as twisted as I thought it would be. I was expecting something a bit disturbing, complex… something that would be me think for hours just to know what is really happening. In the end, it is a police investigation seen from a witness who has somehow something to do with the “crime”.

It was nevertheless very good. I read it quite quickly which means that it interested me. The pace is quite fast, the writing is fluid and for once the translation (as I read it in French) was excellent.Hurray to Corinne Daniellot!

Even if you cannot entirely relate to the characters, they are quite enjoyable and true.  And the idea of witnessing from a train was insightful.

I rated it 3*/5.

Cheers, -A.

La fille du train


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