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April TBR


I thought I’d do my first ever TBR list and try to stick to it. Normally I would finish a book and pick up another one according to the mood i’m in or what genre I’d like to be lost in. However, when doing so, I tend to leave aside a bunch of books I got long ago and they just gather dust on my shelf. So, a TBR list should force me to read them, ahah!

So the first one on the list in The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. This thriller has been everywhere since it came out and one day I gave in and decided to buy it. I bought it French as I saw it in my bookstore but the story should still be the same lol

The second one is Earthsea by Ursula Le Guin. I remember seeing a long time ago a film starring Kristen Kreuk with some magic boy who could transform into a sparrowhawk and who had to fight some nameless creatures. I found it awesome and went in search for the story ever since. So there it is and I will finally know the whole story.

Next is The Last Viking by Berwick Coates. I bought this one 3 years ago when I was at school in Canterbury. I have no idea what it talks about but the story seems to happen in 1066, probably the Battle of Hastings.

Then there is The Odyssey by Homer. I just read The Iliad so I decided to continue the story with Ulysses and his adventures from Troy to his isle.

And finally we have some published fanfiction about Charmed. This one is Demon sur le net #14. Just because I’m feeling a bit nostalgic about the series.

That’s all for the month of April. I’ll make a review each time I finish on novel.

Cheers, -A.

April TBR


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