The Bone Season


Today, I will talk about The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon.

The novel is a dystopia set in 2059, England. It starts in London or rather the Scion Citadel of London where authorities despise clairvoyants whom they call unnatural. Paige Mahoney, the main character, is 19 and she is a dreamwalker. The clairvoyants are organised in seven orders, from the most common to the rarest and thus the mightiest. Dreamwalkers and Oracles are the most powerful of all clairvoyants and Paige happens to be one of them. Her surname: the Pale Dreamer. Basically, she can access anyone’s mind through their dreamscape, she can even control their body or kill them.

London’s Inquisition sends all its clairvoyants to Sheol I (Oxford) which is controled by Rephaites, creatures who come from the aether. The aether is a kind of outer space which clairvoyants use to control spirits, read cards, or jump into others’ dreamscape. But in London, crime syndicates have formed to parry Scion authorities. Paige is one of their most prominent numbers.

However, she gets captured and sent to Sheol I. There, she is taken by Warden, the blood consort of the reigning Rephaite. He will train her to use her gift to its full potential, and he will even earn her trust… Nashira, the blood suzerain, is the real threat. Together, with other trusted clairvoyants and Rephaites, they’ll organise a rebellion to kill Nashira and escape Sheol I.

The book ends when Paige runs on board a train and Warden stays behind. The story continues in The Mime Order (which I will shortly receive 😀 )

The novel has a great quality of writing, an intense pace. The characters are fully-fledged, endearing, relatable. It is really well-thought to have used all types of clairvoyants and make them heroes of the story and not just fortune-tellers. The plot development is incredible and nothing turns out the way you think it will. I heartily recommend this novel.

I rated it 5*/5 !

Cheers, -A.

bone.jpgThe Bone Season


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