Young adult



Who doesn’t love a dragon? Well, that is the problem in Seraphina’s world: nobody loves a dragon.

Written by Rachel Hartman, Seraphina is the story of a young talented musician, whose name is Seraphina (Phina for the friends), who finds herself a place at court as the music master’s assistant. But she has a secret and her goal is to remain as discreet as possible in order not to reveal her secret: on her forearms and waist, there are silver dragon scales.

Rather than being a story of dragon slayers or fights in the sky, this novel is more concerned in court politics and appearances. The saying would be extremely suited for this novel: Don’t judge a book by its cover. As it happens, humans and dragons have been at peace for the last 40 years and both rulers intend to keep it that way. interracial mixing is seen by both sides as highly unnatural. But a plot is brewing in the very midst of the human court. Involving Phina’s family (especially on her mother’s side), she is the only one to piece out together every event that is happening. Her mission then is to make the peace subsist and to keep alive the participants of that peace.

Along the way, there’s the plot of forbidden and impossible love which makes you ache for it to happen despite all its hurdles. It is, by far, my favourite part of the novel.

Seraphina is beautifully written yet quite complex to follow or to dive into. The world is interesting but it is unnecessary complex which is quite a downside. It took me some time to get into it properly and to understand why events of the first half of the book were happening.

I would nevertheless recommend this book to anyone interested in court politic or dragon-human relationship.

I gave it 2.5*/5.

Cheers, -A.



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